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Meet the Artist

Thank you for visiting our website.  The images here are the result of many years of photography.  I invite you to explore the galleries and enjoy the images.

I have been involved in photography for most of my life.  For years  both color and black and white images were printed in the darkroom but in  2001 I made the conversion to digital imaging.  My wife Elizabeth has joined me in this endeavor.  All of the images on this site are composed of our own photography processed using digital imaging software.

The digital process has opened up a whole new realm of creative imagery.  Through it we have begun to create composite images made up exclusively of our own photography.

Robert and Elizabeth Bartow   

Robert and Elizabeth Bartow


We travel and display our prints at conferences and events internationally, and our artwork has been displayed in galleries as well as on the internet.



"I so appreciate the gift of grace upon your life and ministry to reveal the power and glory of Christ Jesus.  Your ministry of Creative images is a blessing to multitudes.  Truly a picture is worth a thousand words.  I fully endorse you and your ministry."  

Bobby Conner -- Eagles View Ministry

"Robert Bartow is both amazing and unique in the way he expresses Kingdom life and message through his images.  I am always deeply impacted when I view his work.  You will be too."

Patricia King -- Extreme Prophetic

"I had the privilege of meeting Robert back in 2001 and began to get very familiar to his artwork.  So many people are hungry to see supernaturally, and Robert's pictures are a great on ramp to seeing visions because they were made with his creativity inspired by his own  spiritual eyes.  Several times when he would bring a picture that he had already created to a meeting I was speaking at, the picture would be the same thing I had just ministered about.  His ability to put together photographic images in a way that expresses deep spiritual truth and just plain natural beauty will enhance your deep connection to God.  Most of my closest friends have been impacted by his work, and have Bartow artwork hanging in their homes, businesses, or ministry centers.  Do you see in the spirit?  Take these and  spend time looking into them every day and let their meaning and beauty sink down into the depth of your being. "
"They are like seeing a vision for those who have not had eyes to see yet"

Shawn Bolz -- Author, founding pastor Expression 58 Christian Ministries